MySpace Surveys: Waste Of Time, Or Truly Beneficial?

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MySpace Surveys: Waste Of Time, Or Truly Beneficial?

#1 Standartinė ph03best » 2006 11 26 22:59

With thousands and thousands of searches for the search term "MySpace survey" per day, it is apparent that filling out these questionnaires can be a very popular activity for Myspace users.

When questioned as to why these surveys have taken MySpace communities by storm, most people say that they fill them out to ease boredom. While this is a perfectly legit and valid reason, there are a lot of other ways in which one can utilize these article submission.

If you do not know, a MySpace survey is a questionnaire that one fills out and then posts on their Myspace profile; whether it be via posting a bulletin (most popular), putting it in a blog, or placing it in their main page.

Surveys can range in length from one line to over 500 questions. They can be simple questions, such as "Who do you like better, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?" or they can be in-depth, soul searching questions.

So, why, you ask yourself, should you consider using these surveys?

Top 7 Reasons To Have A MySpace Survey:

7. They are free.

6. They add spice to your MySpace profile, truly making it "your" space. You get to post YOUR feelings on anything, hence personalizing your page. Because these are so tailored, they really bring out the individual in you; much more so than a MySpace quiz, for example, would.

5. I will admit it. Surveys do waste time, and therefore, help with boredom. Some surveys have over 500 questions. Most people enjoy talking about themselves, so this is a fun way to spend some time. Some people end up spending hours at a clip by filling out surveys.

4. People can learn a lot about you from your surveys. Surveys can range from past relationship questions all the way to inquiries about your inner-most beliefs. If you are shy, or just not comfortable with telling people certain things in person, this can be a great outlet to show people who you really are. On the contrary, you can also learn a lot about other people through surveys. Have a crush? Get the inside scoop on him or her without having to snoop. Met someone new that you want to get to know better? Learn more about them via their surveys.

3. Want to know how people view you? Post a survey and ask for their unbiased opinions. ituloy angsulong .

2. Businesses can market very much through MySpace. For example, one person polled talked about a recent survey that she saw. It was a very long survey, circulated by a moderately popular website. The survey had a lot of interesting and unique questions, so it became widespread pretty quickly. The last question on the form was "Have you ever heard of WebsiteNameHere.Com?" Many people went to the website out of curiosity, especially those who had not heard of the website before. What an inexpensive way to get your name out among thousands of people! Besides being inexpensive, it is also very viral. If one user posts this bulletin and they have 75 friends, and only one of their friends reposts (a respectable .75% conversion) to their 75 friends, and so on and so forth. It is obvious to see that the implications can prove to be huge.

And finally, number 1.

1. The opinions of other people can help you a lot! How, you ask?

First, if you have a class paper to do, you can circulate a survey to get opinions of people from your town, from your gender, or whatever criteria you need. Depending on the amount of MySpace friends that you have and how frequently they log on, you might even be able to procrastinate and still have a good response level.

Most people enjoy making decisions for other people. If you are indecisive, surveys may be very useful to you. Having a hard time figuring out what to wear? Post a picture of your two options and ask people to decide. Can not figure out which boy you want to date? Ask for feedback.

If one wants to research a business idea, or try to see if there is interest for a new business, they can certainly ask people via a survey. It is absolutely free research, and people love to give their opinion! With so many questions on MySpace profiles (age, gender, sign, hometown, and so forth), it would also be easy to target your respondents, and to make sure that the people that you want to answer are answering.

Overall, as previously stated, most people see these surveys as a waste of time. With the huge user base of MySpace, though, if one thinks a little out of the box, they can really benefit.

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