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mega dalyvis
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#31 Standartinė oxigen » 2006 09 30 21:39

Kuo didesnis tuo geriau... tik svarbu kad už tiek mažai veiktų gerai

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rašytojas profesionalas
rašytojas profesionalas
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#32 Standartinė zigzag » 2006 09 30 23:32

pas mane stovi "SAMSUNG SyncMaster 797mb"

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nuolatinis dalyvis
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#33 Standartinė -FoX- » 2006 11 05 16:08

Mano "gyvunas"
LG L193ST 19"

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#34 Standartinė ^Paulius^ » 2006 11 05 16:14

Mano tai SAMSUNG SyncMaster 940b. :)

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#35 Standartinė Laurynas » 2006 11 06 18:41

LG F920P 19" CRT

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#36 Standartinė E~XODU~S » 2007 03 03 09:09

SAMSUNG SyncMaster

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Re: Monitoriai

#37 Standartinė Laurynas » 2009 01 27 23:36

Manau pats laikas dabar pasikeisti monitoriu CRT LG F920P 19" CRT -> LCD

Siandien radau nebloga monitoriu uz neitiketina kaina:

ACER LCD 24" WIDE X243Hb 16:9 FullHD 1920x1080 40000:1 300cd 176/176 2ms TCO03 Black

617 lt.

Is pradziu pamaniau suklydo e shope colius.

Product name
Acer X243Hb Black
Monitor Type
PC Monitor
Screen type
Flat-panel (TFT)
Screen size
24 Inch
TN + Film
Touch Screen
Dot pitch
0.276 mm
Maximum resolution
1920x1080 pixels
Frequency at max. resolution
60 Hz
Horizontal frequency
30-80 kHz
Vertical frequency
55-75 Hz
TFT specifications
Color depth
16.7 million
Pixel response time (rise+fall)
2 total, ms
300 nit (cd/m2)
Horizontal viewing angle
176 degrees
Vertical viewing angle
176 degrees
Number of Inputs
Video connections
D-sub, DVI
Built-in Speakers
TCO 95/99/03/06
TCO '03
Dimensions (including stand, WxHxD)
57.8x42.3x20.1 cm
7.8 kg

Atkreipiau demesi i labai smulku taskai kaip tokio dydzio monitoriui: 0.276 mm

tada ziuriu vienam shope raso tokias charakteristikas kaip virsuj: ... oduct-Info

o kitam tokias:

ACER X243HB 22W 5MS 10000:1 NEGRO ET.FX3HE.001

paziuriu modelio numeri:

ET.FX3HE.001 tas pats.
LCD 24" WIDE X243Hb 16:9 FullHD 1920x1080 40000:1 300cd 176/176 2ms
LCD 24" WIDE X243Hb 16:9 FullHD 1920x1080 40000:1 300cd 176/176 2ms
LCD 24" WIDE X243Hb 16:9 FullHD 1920x1080 40000:1 300cd 176/176 2ms
LCD 24" WIDE X243Hb 16:9 FullHD 1920x1080 40000:1 300cd 176/176 2ms
LCD 24" WIDE X243Hb 16:9 FullHD 1920x1080 40000:1 300cd 176/176 2ms
LCD 24" WIDE X243Hb 16:9 FullHD 1920x1080 40000:1 300cd 176/176 2ms
LCD 24" WIDE X243Hb 16:9 FullHD 1920x1080 40000:1 300cd 176/176 2ms
LCD 24" WIDE X243Hb 16:9 FullHD 1920x1080 40000:1 300cd 176/176 2ms
LCD 24" WIDE X243Hb 16:9 FullHD 1920x1080 40000:1 300cd 176/176 2ms
LCD 24" WIDE X243Hb 16:9 FullHD 1920x1080 40000:1 300cd 176/176 2ms

24" LCD ACER X243Hb - černý (black), 40000:1, 400cd / m2, 5ms, 1920x1080, TCO03. 4. 22"
Acer X243Hb, 24 LCD WIDE, 1920x1080, 5ms, 40000:1, 300cd/m2, TCO03, black, ACM, ADM, 170/160
To dá rozum - 24" LCD Acer X243Hb -40000:1, 5ms, Full HD, black - Velikost displeje: 24 " W

Visos Lt firmos totaliai klaidina savo pirkejus. Iskart nustebau kad 24' monitorius 2 ms.

Kaip ne keista toki klaidinima pastebiu gal jau penkto monitoriaus charakteristikose, ant LG 22 '' rasoma, kad tasko dydis 0,258 vietoj 0,294.

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Pranešimai: 2011
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Miestas: Vilnius

Re: Monitoriai

#38 Standartinė Laurynas » 2009 01 28 00:01

Pasiziurejau greiciausiai imsiu sita monitoriu:


662.28 Lt

Product Information :
Ideal for mobile imaging in TV, Film (such as movie), Gaming, pictures and animation

Key Features:
Narrow and Slim Design
Excellent picture quality and control
High Contrast Ratio
4:3 in wide
Intellingent Auto (Auto Resolution)

Device : 22" TFT LCD Screen
Brightness : 300cd/m2
Contrast Ratio : 10000:1 (realus 1000:1)
Viewing Angle : 170/170 (Horizontal/Vertial)
Response Time : 2ms (GTG)
Resolution : 1680X1050
Supported Colours : 16.7M Colours
Pixel Pitch : 0.282(H) × 0.282(V) mm
Horizontal Frequency : 30 ~ 83 KHz
Vertical Frequency : 56 ~ 75 Hz
Input Signal : Analog Signal / Digital Signal
Input Ports : RGB Port (15 Pin D-Sub) / DVI-D Port
Power Type : LIPS (LCD Integrated Power Supply)
Normal Power Consumption : Less than 40W
Suspend/Standby : Less than 1W
Power off mode : Less than 1W
Special Feature : Tilt: + 5 / -20, HDCP
Safety Certification : UL,cUL,TUV,SEMKO
EMC Certification : FCC-B,CE
Power Saving Certification : EPA Energy Star
Dimension : 519 x 220.9 x 429.1 mm Set
Dimension : 582 x 449 x 127 mm Box
Warranty : 3 Years Warranty
Weight : 4.4 Kg Set
Weight : 5.4 Kg Box

Dizainas jo gana kreivas:

Didele nuotrauka in real: ... 2TQ-PF.jpg
(9.98 KiB) Atsisiųsta 137 kartus(ų)
(67.08 KiB) Atsisiųsta 137 kartus(ų)
Nors labiau noreciau tai sito:


717.18 Lt
(11.75 KiB) Atsisiųsta 136 kartus(ų)
Monitorių Tipas TFT
Plokščias Ekranas (T/N) TAIP
Monitoriaus Dydis 22"
Vaizdo Proporcijos 16:10
Maks. Rezoliucija 1680x1050
Skleistinės Dažnis (Max. Raiška) NĖRA
Rekomenduojama Rezoliucija 1680x1050
Skleistinės Dažnis (Rek. Raiška) NĖRA
Horizontalus Dažnis 30 - 83 kHz
Spalvos (Milijonai) N/A
Pitch N/A
Reakcijos Laikas (Ms) 2
Ryškumas (Cd/M2) 300
Kontrastas 3000:1
Stebėjimo Kampas (Laipsniai) 170°/160°
Montavimo Tipas Vesa 100
Saugos Reikalavimai TCO-03
Jungtis DVI-D,VGA-SUB,
Usb-Jungtys 0
Monitoriaus Spalva SILVER/BLACK
Matmenys (Axpxi Cm) 42.35 x 50.17 x 23.39
Svoris Netto (Kg) 5.65
Garantinis Laikotarpis 3 Metai

Review of LG L226WTQ-SF by TheDuke

There were a few reasons I was looking to change my monitor. The first was that, at just under five years old, my old (19" CRT) monitor was starting to show signs of strain and I wanted it replaced before the poor thing died on me. Secondly, I'm considering building myself a new PC (or buying one) at the end of the year and in order to spread the cost out a little, I wanted to buy a new monitor now.
I had actually been looking for a new monitor for some months, having initially discounted CRT (the big television type monitors) for being far too bulky for the screen size I had in mind (over 20 inches), my choice was TFT (or LCD) monitors.

I had a few criteria in mind. I was looking for something at least 22", preferably widescreen, a good contrast ratio and a quick refresh time (8ms or under) which was necessary for watching DVDs, using my TV card and playing the odd action game.
Over the months, I had selected and discounted probably around half a dozen monitors for various reasons. Finally, I came across a range of LG widescreen TFT monitors on eBuyer that looked suitable. The L226WTQ-SF stood out due to its 3000:1 contrast ratio (the ratio of the brightest and darkest images a display can reproduce), but that wasn't the only good feature. The specs quoted a 2 ms response time (the amount of time the display takes to change from transparent to opaque), which was important to me, though unimportant if all you do is office work and surf the internet.

A review by midas1 on LG L226WTQ-SF

Cheapest Offer
Postage & Packaging: £0.00
LG L226WTQ 22 inch WSXGA 1680x1050 TFT LCD Monitor 3000:1 300cd/m2 2ms (Black)
Availability: in stock
6 Ratings

LG L226WTQ-SF > Reviews > wow size does matter
22 in - TFT active matrix - Brightness: 300 cd/m2 - Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 - Max Resolution: 1680 x 1050 - Response Time: 2 ms more

3 offers from £153.33 to £203.16

4 reviews | Write a review |

LG Electronics is one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers, producing a large range of consumer electronics and IT products. LG has created reputation for progressive... and innovation with the latest technological developments in consumer electronics, home appliances and IT products.

This review already contains more than 120 words. As a Ciao member you could earn up to £5 with this review.

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Best Deals for LG L226WTQ-SF
LG L226WTQ 22 inch WSXGA 1680x1050 TFT LCD Moni...£ 153.33

Best offer
(out of 3 offers)Postage & Packaging: £0.00

Availability: in stock

6 RatingsLG L226WTQ 22 inch WSXGA 1680x1050 TFT LCD Moni...
£ 153.33 Postage & Packaging: £0.00
LG L226WTQ-PF 22" Widescreen TFT Monitor Black ...£ 161.16

2nd best offer
(out of 3 offers)Postage & Packaging: £5.95

Availability: Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days...

82 RatingsLG L226WTQ-PF 22" Widescreen TFT Monitor Black ...
£ 161.16 Postage & Packaging: £5.95
LG L226WTQ-PF 22" Widescreen TFT Monitor Black ...£ 203.16

3rd best offer
(out of 3 offers)Postage & Packaging: free Super Saver Delivery

Availability: Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months...

676 RatingsLG L226WTQ-PF 22" Widescreen TFT Monitor Black ...
£ 203.16 Postage & Packaging: free Super Saver Delivery

View all 3 offers

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wow size does matter

A review by midas1 on LG L226WTQ-SF
October 13th, 2007

Author's product rating:

Advantages: screen size response time
Disadvantages: none so far

Recommend to potential buyers: yes

Full review

I had been thinking of changing my 17" TFT screen for something bigger for a few months now and almost plumped for the Samsung widescreen until I came across this one on Overclockers at £197.00. I ordered it on the Monday morning and 24 hours later heh presto it appeared.
Set up out the box was a dawdle simply plug the supplied cable into the pc connect to rear of panel and off you go. It comes supplied with two cd's one has the driver set up utility the other a LG tweak version that allows you to easily change settings to their best . Although you need not load any of them as Windows simply installs it as a plug and play monitor but to get best out of it simply follow the set up wizard on the first CD.
The first thing that strikes you is the size of the viewing area it is huge and being widescreen is excellent for viewing DVD's etc. Working with Office programmes is great as you can now have two word docs open at the same time. I work a lot with Excel Spreadsheets and find it is now a much easier task as you can see more of the spreadsheet at the one time.
As to technical detail well, it is a 22" flat panel that comes with a swivel stand which does not have a height adjustment, however you can wall mount it as I have done which free's up a considerable space on my desktop. The contrast ratio @ 3000;1 is excellent as is the response time 2ms ( the quicker the refresh rate the better the quality). You can use either VGA or DVI-D cables to connect to your PC the DVI one giving you a vastly improved picture over the older VGA format. The panel runs at a native resolution 1680x1050 and if you use VISTA (which has clear type installed by default) then the text is crisp and clear. If you use XP you can download clear type from Microsoft downloads it is worth the effort. The image viewing angle is quoted as 170 degrees. Power usage is quoted as 45 watt whilst running and 1 watt on standby so saving a lot of power when compared to a CRT of the same size.
Having been using this panel now for over 6 weeks I find it a big improvement over my previous 17" TFT it handles fast moving games brilliantly due to the response time and office work is a pleasure. For anyone out there thinking of upgrading their existing set up I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending this panel. All in all £200 well spent.

A review by ichkeria on LG L226WTQ-SF

Having brought this recently i can attest to its very clear and sharp picture. Its a 22 inch LCD monitor that is a real beauty and sure to brighten up your desk with its solid performance. Work and play are both easily bought to life by its excellent motion performance.
It has five buttons on the panel that give you the usual range of features such as colour temperature, brightness, contrast,etc. It has 2 PC inputs at the back yet lacks USB ports or additional video ports.
If you want digital mode however you'll have to buy a DVI cable as LG only supply you with an analogue cable.
One really cool function is the EZ Zooming button which allows you to change resolution instantaneoulsy. It works perfectly and is a fine feature to a great monitor.

The image performance is spectacular! The monitor had no trouble displaying small fonts, and colors were vivid and uniform across the scale with no evidence of tinting, overall providing a sharp and bright picture perfect for whatever you're doing.
I played Total War II and the moving images were fantastic. Frame rate did not slow down (thanks to my great graphics card) and each unit and structure was detailed and realistic in motion. Gameplay was smooth and the sound was perfect accenting the gameplay images.

A great gaming and work monitor with superb picture quality.

A review by samgaz on LG L226WTQ-SF

i bought this for my husband for christmas as a treat. i went on pc advisor who had this monitor down as monitor of the month and value for money. got it off amazon for £186. some reviews on here talk about all the spec of the monitor, as im a novice i will talk easy words. the look of the 22 inch monitor in silver is good looking and stylish, the picture quality is great, nice clear and crisp. playing games is a joyful experience wether your playing silly little games or if you are a serious gamer. very easy to set up we just plugged it in and away we went. overall for the price and the picture quality an absolute bargain. would definitely recommend

radau ir sitokiu komentaru:

Ancalagon_uk 06-28-2007

Some people in america report ghosting issues so bad they it isnt worth it, but I think the European models dont suffer from that.

Unfortunately I dont have first hand experience of the monitor, believe me I would like to!

alpha_channel 06-28-2007

Well there are a few on the micromart forums that have this monitor and they seem to be quite happy with it.

Me, personally, I'm in nearly the same position as you, my 7yr old Samsung 17" CRT is getting a bit blurry around the edges now and I'm on the hunt for a new monitor (around the 22" mark would be nice ).

I do a bit of gaming but I also need a monitor that's got good colour reproduction as I do a lot more art work/animation/video stuff so it's got to be able to match what’s coming off the printer or seen on a TV (plus I'd like a lot more screen real estate than 1024x768). I wouldn't mind a few recommendations myself (though I've heard good things about the Samsung 226 but that’s about £30-50 more than the LG you have spied and apparently hard to get hold of at the mo).

EXT64 06-29-2007

I have the same monitor (except mine is the 19 inch version). It has a refresh rate of 2ms (one of the fastest), and I have not noticed any ghosting at all. As long as the monitor is 8ms or faster, you will be fine. One thing I will point out as a possible downside is the Digital Fine Contrast. This is how the monitor achieves an insane contrast ratio of 3000:1. To do this, the DFC chip adjusts monitor brightness depending on what is on the screen. This sometimes causes noticable and annoying changes in brightness. In most cases it is smooth and great, in others it is very annoying. All-in-all though, it is a great monitor and I would highly recommend it.

Na sio monitoriu privalumas yra "Digital Fine Contrast" (DFC) technologija.

Digital Fine Contrast is a contrast-enhancing display technology introduced in 2006 by LG. It is used in the company's "Flatron" line of TFT monitors and implements a 'smart function' whereby it dynamically detects the characteristics of each frame to be displayed and automatically adjusts its contrast to obtain a sharper and more vivid image. The system comprises three units: ACR(Auto Contents Recognition), DCE(Digital Contrast Enhancer) and DCM(Digital Contrast Mapper)[1].

The initial announcement[2] claimed monitors with DFC could achieve a contrast ratio of 1600:1, while later products have been presented as capable of ratios even as high as 10,000:1. ... -to-16001/

LG increases their standard contrast ratio to 1600:1

LG Electronics has announced a new display technology called DFC (Digital Fine Contrast), increasing their standard contrast ratio of its TFT displays from 700:1 1600:1. The increase in contrast ratio makes colors brighter, images more vivid and text sharper. A high contrast ratio enhances the extreme ends of the color scale so blacks are truly black, and whites are truly white without contamination from grey scales. The ratio also will benefit gamers who struggle to see objects in the shadows, and home cinema enthusiasts will appreciate the correct reproduction of colors.

LG displays with DFC and the enhanced 1600:1 contrast ratio will be available from April commencing with the new 80 Series (L1780Q plus, L1980Q plus), the 70 series (L1770H, L1970H) and 32 Series (L1932P, L1732P). Read on to learn more about this new DFC engine.

The DFC engine in LG's new displays is comprised of three units. ACR (Auto Contents Recognition) detects the type of content that you are viewing and decides how to make the best use of the enhanced contrast. This decision is influenced by the monitors Mode setting, so in Movie Mode DFC is optimized for a maximum brightness movie/gaming image and is efficient when a moving image has varying levels of brightness. In Text Mode, DFC gives PowerPoint presentations a real lift while in Picture mode DFC can automatically analyze photos and pictures and will optimize picture quality by deepening the color. The second element is DCE (Digital Contrast Enhancer) which reduces black luminance and then the third part, DCM (Digital Contrast Mapper), displays the image while ensuring that the enhanced contrast is optimized. ... 0075.jhtml

LG Unveils the Cutting-edge 'Digital Fine Contrast (DFC)' Technology
LG Electronics (LG), a leader in consumer electronics and mobile communications, launched the new FLATRON, LG's LCD monitor equipped with DFC contrast-ratio enhancing technology, today. The new Flatron has the highest contrast ratio, 1600:1 (in some models, 1400:1) available in the world today.

With its world leading contrast ratio of 1600:1, LG's DFC technology offers users a clearer, crisper and brighter image. DFC operates in 'MOVIE MODE', which is optimized for maximum bright movie images and also suitable for moving images with various brightness levels.

Today, the monitor has a broader use and application. Its primary use is no longer restricted to work and it is more widely used for entertainment purposes. In the new era of multi-use, LG monitors equipped with DFC provide viewers with a seamless viewing experience and greater control, allowing them to watch movies, animation, TV programs and even fast moving sports games on LCD monitors.

LG's DFC activates the 'Smart Function', which automatically sets up the optimum contrast ratio for each image. It analyzes the input image and then adjusts the contrast ratio for perfect picture quality. The special feature of DFC is most useful when displaying dark images.

Mr. Sang Han Yoon, Executive Vice President and CEO of LG Electronics Digital Display Company, said today's launch of DFC proves that LG provides differentiated products focusing on user benefits.

"LG's lifestyle approach and consumer-oriented strategy in its overall digital display business are highlighted in the DFC technology. LG will continue the trend with the upgraded model unveiled today and position itself as the global leader in digital display," Mr. Yoon said.

"LG's goal is to become the number one in the global display market by achieving USD 10 billion in sales by 2010. To achieve this goal, LG will focus on securing our leadership in technology and new standards."

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Užsiregistravo: 2001 12 06 09:51
Miestas: Vilnius

Re: Monitoriai

#39 Standartinė Laurynas » 2009 01 28 15:38

Dar galvoju gal sitoki monitoriu is UK uzsisakyti:

IIYAMA PLE2207WS-B1 22" wide TFT Screen (2ms)

623 lt + asiuntimo islaidos ~50 lt
(25.93 KiB) Atsisiųsta 131 kartus(ų)
Sio monitoriaus labai mazai taskai: Dot Pitch - 0.277 mm
Gera rezoliucija:1680x1050
Labai mazai eikvoja ekergijos:
Power Usage (Switched on): 38 W (kiti vidutiniskai 50 W)
Neblogas matymo kampas: horizontal/vertical: 170°/160°
Refresh: 75 Hz su 1680 x 1050 rezoliucija (75 Hz optimalu, 60 mazai)
Siaip yra skirtumas kur 170° ir kur 160° horizontalus matymo kampas, kai sedi trys zmones ir ziuri filma prie 160° horizontalaus matymo kampo - du matys normaliai trecias ne, prie 170° - matys visi.

Panel TN
Diagonal 22"
Display area h x w 290.6 x 464.9 mm
Response time 2 msec
Contrast 10000 : 1 ACR
Contrast ratio 1000 : 1Typical
Brightness 300 cd/m² typical
Viewing zone horizontal/vertical: 170°/160°;
right/left: 85°/85°;
up/down: 75°/85°
Viewing zone (CR > 5) horizontal/vertical: 160°/155°;
right/left: 80°/80°;
up/down: 80°/75°
Display colors 16.7 Million
Pixel pitch h x v 0.277 x 0.277 mm
Horizontal sync 31 - 80 KHz
Vertical sync 56 - 75 Hz
Bandwidth 146 MHz
Native resolution 1680 x 1050 (1.8 megapixel)
Resolutions 1680 x 1050 /
1280 x 1024 / 60, 75 Hz
1024 x 768 / 60, 70, 75 Hz
832 x 624 / 75 Hz
800 x 600 / 56, 60, 75 Hz
720 x 400 / 70 Hz
640 x 480 / 60, 67, 75 Hz
Input connector D-Sub, DVI-D
Synchronization Separate Sync
Plug & play VESA DDC1/2B™
Speaker 2 x 2W (Stereo)
Included accessories Power Cable, D-Sub Cable, audio cable, user manual
Mac compatibility All iiyama monitors are compatible with Apple-Macintosh computers
Interface On-Screen-Display in 9 languages (EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, JP, FI, Chinese - traditional and simplified) and 5
Front controls (Menu, Scroll down /Aspect Ratio, Scroll up /Brightness /Contarst /ACR /ECO, Select /Auto,
User controls auto adjust, contrast, brightness, ACR, ECO mode, input select, audio (volume, mute), colour adjust,
display information, image adjust ( horizontal size, H position, V position, fine tune, sharpness, aspect
mode, OptiColour mode), setup menu (OSD language, OSD position, OSD time out, OSD background),
Driver Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / ME / XP /Vista
Ergonomics Energy Star
Safety CE, TUV/Baurt, CB, FCC
Power supply AC 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
power supply internal
Power usage max. 38 W in normal use, max. 2 W in Power management mode
Power management VESA DPMS, ENERGY STAR®
anti-theft-device Kensington-lock™ prepared
VESA mounting 100 mm
Tilt angle 20° up
Weight 5.3 kg
Aspect ratio 16 : 10
Dimensions w x h x d 517 x 410 x 220 mm

Jauciu surizikuosiu ir uzsisakysiu is ... e-tft.html

Is ten video kamera uzsisakinejau - atsiunte per 5 dienas.

Va tik atbaido garantinis aptarnavimas. Piksimania yra svolaciai, jie garantinius kuponus gaimintoju pasilieka sau. Klientu suteikia standartine metu garantija, o papildomai siulo prasitesti 5 metams garnatija uz 153,30 lt.

Taip, kad jei tektu naudotis monitoriaus garantija reiktu ji supakuoti ir siusti i UK. Tai oro pastu kainuotu apie 100 lt. Tektu laukti 3 savaites kai jie sius gamini gamintojui. Tada dar savaite kol atsius atgal i LT. Yra rizika netureti prekes apie 1 - 1.5 men, bei prarasti 100 lt.

Va tas mane ir atbaido.

Nors tokie monitoriai negenda. IIYAMA labai patikimas ir solidus brendas.

Bet siuo metu lietuvoje nebegali nusipirkti normalaus LCD monitoriaus.

Lieka dar du variantai:

LG W2252TQ-PF - 662.28 Lt.

Samsungas ilgus metus buvo LCD monitoriu lyderis, taciau keli metai jokio progreso. Pastaruosius du metus samsungas ekspermentavo su dizainu, pradejo naudoti kreiva dizaina ir slykscia juoda plasmase.

Draugas buvo nusipirkes Samsung 20'' LCD tai kiekvienakart ziuredamas i ta dizaina sakydavo, mane nervina sita slyksti disova plasmase. Galu galiausiai pasikeite ta SAMSUNG LCD 20'' i IIYAMA 22''.

LG L226WTQ-SF - 717.18 Lt
Sio monitoriaus LT nera, ir greiciausiai nebus. O jis man patiko. Ir dizainas klasikinis ir 3000 statinis kontrastas (tiesa dirbtinai sugeneruotas su DFC technologija).

Del monitoriu nematau kitokio pasirinkimo, jeigu, kas LT rasite geresniu charakteristiku, bei gera kainos ir kokybes santykio monitoriu - rasykite.

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