Pazymu (sertifikatu) patikros isjungimas Symbian OS

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Pazymu (sertifikatu) patikros isjungimas Symbian OS

#1 Standartinė Laurynas » 2009 01 06 21:37

Labiausiai sunervino sertifikatu (pazymu) naudojimas naujoje Symbian versijoje. Pagal ju sumastyta ideja kartais atsisuntus nesertifikuota programa reikia eiti i Sybian svetaine, ten uzpildyti forma, prisegti ta programa, ivesti telefono imei, issiusti uzklausa, gauti i pasta per kokia savaite patvirtinima, ivesti koda i mobilu. Tada jau galima ikelti programa i telefona.

Taigi dvi naudingos programos kurios pades to isvengti.

BiNPDA RootSign ir BiNPDA SecMan.

Deja istrukcija anglu kalba, isverskite kas i LT.

BiNPDA Security Manager v1.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9 Internal-BiNPDA

BiNPDA's ROOTSiGN - Sign any Unsigned Release and Install

In order to install "Unsigned" releases, you need to go through a one-time procedure. You will need to run the in the release included "SecMan.exe". This program allows you to install our future "Unsigned" releases, without signing them every time.

For this, you will need to have TRK (included in this package) installed, and connected to your pc via USB connection.
s60_3_0_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx for SymbianOS9 devices WITHOUT FP1 s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_6.sisx for SymbianOS9 devices WITH FP1

To get this app properly running, make sure you have installed the newest Nokia PC Suite, and your phone connected via "PC Suite" mode. On the phone, run the TRK app, in applications folder. When it asks for bluetooth connection, don't turn it on, and change connection settings to USB. After you have done that, click "Next" and follow the instructions on screen.

When the installation is done, look in the Applications folder on your phone, and find SecMan. Open it, and click on "Install Root Certificate".

After this is done, you will be able to install our future "Unsigned" releases like normal "Signed" applications.

Please keep in mind, if you format / upgrade your phones firmware, you'll need to do this step again and after that manually install those apps from Application Manager.

NOTE: To install previous unsigned releases, use RootSiGN v1.0 (Included in the package) first to sign these releases with our root certificate. This can be used to sign and install any unsigned .sis(x) file

Download Installing unsigned files using BiNPDA RootSign and SecMan - A Complete Guide.

Whereever I have included screenshots, I have written (Pic Included). So, if you cant see, reload the page.

Note: This process is extremely simple. Make sure you follow it exactly as I tell you. Theres no scope to go wrong here.

What you need:
*WinRAR installed on your PC
*MS .NET Framework v2.0
*A Series 60 3rd Edition Phone
*USB Cable
*5 Minutes

Step 1.1: Download the file: BiNPDA Security Manager v1.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9 Internal- BiNPDA from the post above. You should have such a file. (Pic Included)
(13.42 KiB) Atsisiųsta 133 kartus(ų)
Next, Right click the file and select "Extract Here". Something like this: (Pic Included)
(40.77 KiB) Atsisiųsta 133 kartus(ų)
Now, you may delete the the files BiNPDA.NFO and File_ID.DIZ. On the binsecmn, right click and again select "Extract Here". (Pic Included)
(33.38 KiB) Atsisiųsta 133 kartus(ų)
After this, you will again get binsecmn.rar, BiNPDA.NFO and File_ID.DIZ. You may delete the 2 extra files. Now, for the last time, again right click the ZIP Archive and click "Extract Here". Like it is shown. (Pic Included)
(14.33 KiB) Atsisiųsta 133 kartus(ų)
You may feel this was too simple, but, then again, some of the queries that I get, people cant do this.

Anyway, if you have followed all properly till here, you must have all these files in a single folder. (Pic Included)
(16.26 KiB) Atsisiųsta 133 kartus(ų)

Step 1.2: Connect your mobile to the PC via USB Cable, and, mode as "PC Suite". From the folder, select the particular TRK SIS File applicable for your phone and install it. Here's a list.

Pre FP1 Devices should install the file: s60_3_0_app_trk_2_8_6.sis
These include:Nokia N77,Nokia E61i,Nokia E65,Nokia N93i,Nokia N91 8GB,Nokia E62,Nokia E50,Nokia 5500,Nokia N93,Nokia N73,Nokia N80Nokia N71,Nokia N92,Nokia E70,Nokia E60,Nokia E61,Nokia 3250,Nokia N91

Post FP1 Devices should install the file: s60_3_1_app_trk_2_8_6.sis
These include:Nokia N82,Nokia E51,Nokia N95 8GB,Nokia N81,Nokia N81 8GB,Nokia 6121 classic,Nokia 6120 classic,Nokia 5700 XpressMusic,Nokia 6110 Navigator,Nokia E90 Communicator,Nokia N76,Nokia 6290,Nokia N95

Install the applicable file on your Memory Card.(Pic Included) ... 007ht0.jpg

After you have installed TRK, you should have this on your Menu: (Pic Included)
(92.29 KiB) Atsisiųsta 133 kartus(ų)
Lets move on to Step 2.

================================================== ======================

Step 2.1:Open Metro TRK. You will be greeted by the following screen: (Pic Included)
(54.01 KiB) Atsisiųsta 132 kartus(ų)
Click No. Then, go to Options > Settings.(Pic Included)
(56.62 KiB) Atsisiųsta 132 kartus(ų)
Put up the following settings under Settings.(Pic Included)
(82.5 KiB) Atsisiųsta 132 kartus(ų)
Then, go to the TRK Main Screen again, Options > Connect.(Pic Included)
(56.71 KiB) Atsisiųsta 133 kartus(ų)
You should have a screen like this. [The contents could be different. But, it should say Connected besides Status](Pic Included)
(33.17 KiB) Atsisiųsta 132 kartus(ų)
Keep Metro TRK Running. Exit via the Menu Key.

Step 2.2:Now, go back to the folder where all the files are extracted. Run Secman.exe. You will get a screen like this: (Pic Included)
(27.79 KiB) Atsisiųsta 133 kartus(ų)
Click Next. On the Next Screen, just check the option "Find MetroTRK Port Automatically" and click Next. Something like this. (Pic Included)
(16.18 KiB) Atsisiųsta 131 kartus(ų)
After some time, it will start installing the SecMan application to your phone. You will get something like this: (Pic Included)
(77.19 KiB) Atsisiųsta 133 kartus(ų)
After install, you should have Secman on your mobile phone.

Step 3: If the above process was successful, then you should have a Secman icon on your phone like this: (Pic Included)
(94.13 KiB) Atsisiųsta 133 kartus(ų)
Open SecMan,go to Options and select "Turn Plat Security OFF". Like this. (Pic Included)
(64.52 KiB) Atsisiųsta 134 kartus(ų)
Then, go top Options again and select "Install ROOT Certificate". Like this. (Pic Included)
(65.86 KiB) Atsisiųsta 133 kartus(ų)
Thats it. Now you can install any Unsigned-BiNPDA Release. But, we want to install releases by other crackers/devlelopers too, right? Then, lets move on to Step 4.


Step 4: Put any Unsigned File in the same folder which we have created in Step 1. I have selected LandScape Pro. (Pic Included)
(56.13 KiB) Atsisiųsta 134 kartus(ų)
Oprn ROOTSiGN.EXE from the same folder, select the SIS File and click "Root Sign the file". (Pic Included)
(33.63 KiB) Atsisiųsta 133 kartus(ų)
After its done, you will have 2 files in the folder. One Unsigned and One RootSigned. Like this: (Pic Included)
(65.14 KiB) Atsisiųsta 129 kartus(ų)
Install the Rootsigned file. You will see it installs just like a signed SIS file. heres how I installed LandscapePro Beta Unsigned. (Pic Included)
(57.13 KiB) Atsisiųsta 130 kartus(ų)
Important: After you have installed the files, go to SecMan and go to Options > Turn Plat. Securities ON.
Its not a good idea to keep platform securities off 24x7. They are there for a reason.

================================================== =====

To install any unsigned release from now on, you just need to repeat Steps 3 and 4.

This concludes the tutorial.

I have tried to make it as simple as possible. I dont think its possible to simplify this any further. Let me know what you think of this tutorial. I have used an N82 to show this.

PC Theme Used: Royale XP v1.5.1
Mobile Theme Used:Electronic Night V1 from the Samsung i450 Themes Package.


*If you are having problems with TRK v2.8.6 included in the release, find an older version v2.7. It works for many.
*This is NOT applicable for the latest firmwares on the E Series / N95-3 etc where you get the error "Component is built in" when installing TRK. (And maybe with future firmwares of the N Series.) For these devices, use Drakkarious.sis in the link posted below.
*Under Windows Vista, you must run Rootsign.exe and Secman.exe with Administrator Priveleges.Else, it wont run.
*If there are problems with Secman installing the files on your phone, restart your PC and try again. If there are still problems, select the COM Port Manually. (Go to Device Manager > COM Ports and Devices. Here, check your phone name, go to properties. The COM Port number will be listed there.
*If you cant do this, go here: ... hp?t=97941
If you cant do that either, give up your S60v3 and go back to a S60v2 or a Non-Symbian Phone.

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