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Re: Vampyrai

#16 Standartinė SafyrA* » 2008 12 19 11:47

joa :lol:
TLaukitės visi į šalį - eina Safy* iš daržėlio :D

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Dust N' Bones
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Re: Vampyrai

#17 Standartinė Nightcom » 2008 12 19 13:31

nostalgija...prisegamom pedkelnem.
Kurt Cobain rašė:"I'm so happy because today I found myfriends-they‘re in my head.“
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Re: Vampyrai

#18 Standartinė Darkas » 2008 12 19 15:57

SaZ rašė:safyra nusivylei jog darkas dirbtinis vampyras? :lol:
mhhhhhhhhhh- dirbtiniai vampyrai *6* Primena hellsinga
Schliess die Augen sanft, mein Kind
und bleib in meinen Armen
Ich trage Dich hinweg
durch diese alte Welt

Diary of Dreams - Nekrolog 43

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Re: Vampyrai

#19 Standartinė +Ameno+ » 2008 12 21 13:11

trupuciuka labiau i tema straipsnelis is Wikipedijos


In 1985 biochemist David Dolphin proposed a link between the rare blood disorder porphyria and vampire folklore. Noting that the condition is treated by intravenous haem, he suggested that the consumption of large amounts of blood may result in haem being transported somehow across the stomach wall and into the bloodstream. Thus vampires were merely sufferers of porphyria seeking to replace haem and alleviate their symptoms. The theory has been rebuffed medically as suggestions that porphyria sufferers crave the haem in human blood, or that the consumption of blood might ease the symptoms of porphyria, are based on a misunderstanding of the disease. Furthermore, Dolphin was noted to have confused fictional (bloodsucking) vampires with those of folklore, many of whom were not noted to drink blood. Similarly, a parallel is made between sensitivity to sunlight by sufferers, yet this was associated with fictional and not folkloric vampires. In any case, Dolphin did not go on to publish his work more widely. Despite being dismissed by experts, the link gained media attention and entered popular modern folklore.

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